Recent Reviews 

"You have been the best part of the entire home buying experience."

Jay Sanchez-Orsini - 2021

"Russell was the friend I needed and a thorough professional and guiding light for me through the process of closing on my house! The hands-on expertise, calm attitude, and his vast resources and experience in dealing with different situations, helped me immensely, and I would definitely reach out to him and recommend him for any future mortgage needs!"

Vijay Cinnakonda - 2021

"I loved working with Russell and his team!! They got us closed in a short period of time. Russell was always there to answer any questions and keep us in the loop!

I highly recommend Russell and his team!!"

Greg Mills - 2021

"Russell and his team are amazing!! The attention to customer service is incredible and they treat you like family!  If I ever purchase another home or property, I would not trust anyone else."

Oscar Rodriguez - 2021

"We were so fortunate to have been paired with Russell and his team to secure a mortgage on our first home purchase. With his guidance my wife and I were able to make our purchase offer stand out amongst the multiple offers the seller received and land the home of our dreams in an outrageously competitive market. He was always available to answer questions throughout the process and provided knowledgeable and reassuring answers during what was a very stressful time for me. Last but certainly not least, we closed ON TIME without a hitch."

Brian Lee - 2020

"In February (2021) we started navigating the North Texas housing market and were needing a pre-approval.  We were referred to Russell by our realtor, and what a pleasure.  Russell ensures he is transparent and clear with the process, ensuring we close in 30 days, and he was also available to answer any and all questions.  I've worked with many brokers, however, Russell stands out with excellent customer service, being transparent, and really ensures he is providing his customers with the best solutions.  I found my mortgage broker for all future purchases."

Kevin Amacker - 2021

"Thankfully, Russell had my back and eased me through the entire process with kindness and support. It took me a little less than a month, and here I sit in my beautiful new home, all thanks to Russell and his team."

Roslyn Southwick - 2021

"My wife and I are not the simplest of customers to deal with. Our situation is complex and so we presented a challenge to match up with a loan. Where a lot of lenders would shrug and pass on us to an easier case, Russell instead put his boots on and went to work finding a solution.


Russell worked tirelessly for us and he and his team busted their asses to not only find the right loan but to also close on time so we could get moved in as soon as possible. Russell made it possible for us to obtain our dream home and we will continue to work with him in the future when we need to find a loan that fits our situation.


We have never seen someone go as above and beyond as Russell was through everything. He also walked us through every step in this complex project. I'm also confident that he would work just as hard for anyone else. Thank you for all the help and we look forward to working with you in the future Russell."

Jakob & Destiny Hunt - 2021

"As a single mother of 5, looking for home ownership was definitely on my bucket list.  I was referred to Russell Ammons by my real estate agent because she knew, if my deal could get approved, he would be the lender who could make it happen. Well, at first, I was not convinced because of all the items he requested. Russell and his entire team remained confident and positive while I was literally an emotional melting pot.  I highly recommend Russell Ammons and his team to take care of all your home loan needs!  They are the BEST!!!

Christion Nesbitt - 2021